Competition & Prizes

Competition & Prizes

To develop interest of students a lot of competitions like English Rhymes, Hindi Poems, Handwriting, Quiz, Drawing Competition etc are organised. Apart from I, II, III prize , a participation certificate/prize is given after each competition to all participants to boost the morale of the students.
Festivals & Celebration

The School encourages collective celebration of the national festivals and other important festivals of varied religions. This is in keeping with the national principle of secularism which nurtures respect and tolerance for all religions and the Nation as a whole.
Activities & Exhibitions

The creative talent of the children is inculcated and nurtured through various art and craft activities like Rakhi Making, Card Making, Ceramic Painting, Clay modeling etc. under guidance of experienced teachers during the academic session, which is encouraged and appreciated further through regular craft exhibition as well as on the school display boards. A separate room has been allocated specifically for the creative and innovative outlet of the young minds. Set free in this room, the children are encouraged to give shapes to their ideas through various craft activities. Art & Craft Exhibition LITTLE CREATIONS is organised every year.

School Functions

Cultural Programme :
Prepared with immense enthusiasm and excitement, the Cultural Programmes of the School 'KILKARI' is an annual event that brings forth the unimagined hidden talents of tiny tots in several surprise items. Learning through entertainment is ensured by encouraging cent per cent participation of students in the cultural programmes.
Annual Day :
Appreciation works wonders, especially when it entails the formative and mouldable years. Realizing this, the School gives out prizes for excellence in academic and extracurricular activities on its Annual Day and Best Student Award in each class is given to the student for his/her overall performance during the session
Games & Sports :
A healthy mind in a healthy body is a well-known adage and our School follows this religiously. While activities for the physical and mental development of the children are a regular feature of the curriculum, aerobics are conducted every day in the morning assembly . On the Annual Sports Day maximum participation of the children is encouraged.

Picnic & Visits :
Knowing well that the eye is a more receptive of eager pupil than the ear, the School organizes regular visits to places which are a source of fun as a learning process, such as the zoo, the market, the dairy, the hospital and the amusement parks etc.

Parental Participation :
The Second Saturday of each month has been identified as the Parent-Teacher Meet ,where the parents and teachers interact on a one to one basis in regards to the progress of their wards. Besides, parental participation is emphasized through organised parent orientation programmes and information. Parents are also invited and encouraged to attend the various school functions and Exhibition.


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