DOON ACADEMY was opened as an educational institution on 29th June 2001 as a Pre Primary School up to Class Prep. Because of its quality of education as well as value based education parents requested to upgrade the school and it was upgraded up to class V and very soon it will be upgraded up to class 12th. In 2011 we opened a branch at Rajat Path that caters to pre primary classes from Play Group to Prep.

Doon Academy was established with an objective to provide quality and value based education that helps to produce responsible and promising young citizens for our country as well as the whole world. We have been pursuing this ideal ever since. We are nurturing the little ones through consistent love and tolerance. The school provides opportunities to the girls and boys for a comprehensive social, intellectual, physical and moral growth.


  1. Individual care and attention to each child.

  2. One to one interaction with students.

  3. Limited number of students in each class.

  4. Use of play way techniques and application of progressive and creative teaching aids and methodologies.

  5. Well designed graded curriculum.

  6. Safe drinking water, maintenance of hygienic conditions and inculcating proper habits.

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Contact Us:-
Agarwal farm
Sec. 112, 104, Agarwal farm,
Mansarover, Jaipur
Postal Code:- 302020
Phone:- 0141-2396668

Rajat Path
60/66, Rajat Path, Mansarover, Jaipur
Postal Code:- 302020
Phone:- 0141-2780002